Rehabilitative Care

Designed to help improve your loved one's strength, mobility and independence with personalised care and guidance.

Rehabilitation is essential in the recovery journey following a surgery or a major injury or health episode.

It involves a holistic approach to improve function, enhance quality of life and reduce dependency long-term healthcare and community support.

General Rehabilitation

For medical episodes - falls, injuries, deconditioning

Post-Hospitalisation Rehabilitation

Specialised care for stroke, knee or hip replacement, cardiac rehab

Have a team of physicians and allied health professionals help your loved ones reach their recovery goals and milestones


Why Patients Love Speedoc Clinic

Interdisciplinary Team

Receive care and support from a skilled team of healthcare professionals

Fully Equipped Team

Receive all medications and supplies to manage your loved one’s medical needs

Well-coordinated Team

Receive streamlined healthcare management that oversees all appointments and inquiries

Getting Started With Speedoc’s Rehabilitation Programme

speedoc doctor on telemed
Follow these quick and simple steps on the Speedoc App:
Book a Video Consultation on Speedoc App

Register with your basic details so that our team can better assist you.

Get Assessed by Medical Professionals

Get an evaluation based on your basic medical history and a virtual assessment to review your suitability for our programme.

Receive Advice on Follow-up

After assessment, our team will advice you on the next step of your healthcare journey and schedule subsequent consultations.


What to expect from the Home-based Rehabilitation Programme

Patient journey
by Speedoc
Video Consultation
1 week
Physician will begin initial assessment for programme and schedule follow-up accordingly
Onboarding Consultation
2 weeks
Medical team visit to evaluate condition and curate rehab goals
Subsequent Visits
1-3 months
Interdisciplinary team to visit regularly to carry out rehab plan
Rehab Goal Achieved
3-6 months
Scheduled visits as required for maintenance


Rehabilitative Care

All visits/consultations are inclusive of medication, equipment and health professional visit costs. *Prices stated are inclusive of prevailing GST. Prices reflected are accurate as at the time of writing. Please contact us for the most up-to-date pricing.
Onboarding Consultation (Virtual)
From $21.80
  • Experienced medical professionals conduct assessments and evaluations to curate a personalised care plan for your loved one’s medical condition.
  • Focus on open communication involving patients and families in care decisions.
  • Comprehensive medical support to support health outcomes - alleviating pain, managing symptoms or enhancing overall quality of life.
Programme Details:
Comprehensive evaluation
Doctor consultation
Personalized care planning
Subsequent Doctor Visits
From $201.85
  • Access to professional advice and guidance to make informed decisions about patient’s medical conditions.
  • Personalised discussion on patient needs, treatment options and health goals.
  • Management of your loved one’s basic needs such as catheterization, flushing or nasogastric tube maintenance.
  • Physician requiring basic surgical services including suturing, or removal of sutures and any incision and drainage if required.
Programme Details:
Reassess conditions
Address concerns to doctor
Ongoing medical support
speedoc doctor licensed with the Singapore Medical Council
Subsequent Nurse Visits
From $121.11
  • Administering and management of medications in adherence to prescribed care plan as well as wound dressing.
  • Offering guidance and education to patients and families to empower them in their healthcare journeys. This would include managing expectations, education of treatment and disease processes including what to look out for and dos/donts of care.
  • Administering home-based point of care testing including glucose monitoring, ECG tests, venipuncture and urine testing.
Programme Details:
Home-based patient education
Caregiver training
Medical care
Comprehensive icon
Physiotherapy Session
From $272.50
  • Comprehensive assessment of the patient’s physical function to identify areas of impairments and mobility challenges.
  • Curating a personalized exercise programme to improve mobility, strength and flexibility whilst taking into account the unique needs and limitations of the patient.
  • Implementing therapeutic exercises and movements to manage pain to promote comfort and improved quality of life.
  • Providing professional guidance and advice on assistive devices and techniques and well as strategies to assist patient to build a more supportive care environment.
Programme Details:
Treatment for physical challenges
Pain management
Motor fucntion and mobility improvement
Occupational Therapy Session
From $272.50
  • Comprehensive assessment of the patient’s daily activities and routines to identify areas of challenges as well as assessment of home environment to suggest modifications to enhance the patient's navigation.
  • Curating a personalised exercise programme to improve functionality and independence in daily activities.
  • Providing professional guidance and advice on how to support the patient in their daily.
Programme Details:
Practical advice and support to daily activities performance
Quality of life improvement
Psychotherapy Session
From $272.50
  • Providing emotional support to patients to express and process their emotions regarding their health conditions and care.
  • Providing guidance to patients and families to cope with the emotional challenges associated with their health condition to foster resilience.
  • Offering therapeutic interventions including mindfulness and de-stressing techniques to manage mental health aspects that may arise during the care journey.
Programme Details:
Psychotherapy session
Emotional distress management
Treatment for mental illness
Speech Therapy Session
From $272.50
  • Comprehensive assessment of the patient’s communication abilities, considering factors such as speech, language, voice and swallowing.
  • Curating a personalised care plan to address the identified challenges; dysphagia management for swallowing difficulties, or communication strategies for speech difficulties etc.
  • Providing professional guidance and advice on speech and communication exercises empowering them to actively participate in the therapeutic process.
Programme Details:
Speech therapy session
Speech assesment
Speech and language improvement
Swallowing disorders treatment

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