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Receive hospital-level care at home

Speedoc has created a one-stop solution to support virtual ward care. With our ageing population and the rise of multiple illnesses among the elderly, acute hospitals have to provide more wards and beds to meet rising demand.

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H-Ward® pushes the boundaries of healthcare

Speedoc's H-Ward® is an integrated platform monitored by a dedicated 24/7 patient-care team that enables patients to recover within the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Patients can expect to receive hospital-level care through a combination of in-person visits by our doctors, complemented through the adoption of technology by leveraging remote monitoring devices.

What is a Doctor Home Visit?

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In our successful Hospital-to-Home (H2H) pilots with NUHS, selected groups of patients who would otherwise be warded in brick-and-mortar hospitals, are cared for in Speedoc's virtual ward.

Hospital care in H-Ward® includes frequent medical reviews, round-the-clock nursing, intravenous therapies, frequent blood tests, and more.

Integraged System

How Speedoc's Virtual Ward Works


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