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Designed to provide healthcare convenience, Speedoc’s H-programme brings medical services, personalised care and treatment to your doorstep.

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Speedoc’s Home-Programme

Speedoc’s H-programme is a comprehensive healthcare service that aims to make care hassle-free. Patients are onboarded and assigned to an interdisciplinary team that evaluates and curates treatment plans for their conditions.

Patients can expect to receive recurring visits by physicians and various allied health professionals, who coordinate and manage all their medical needs to recover within the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Here at Speedoc, we place importance on empowering families and patients in the healing journey. Our medical team will provide guidance and support to caregivers and patients so that they can be actively involved in their recovery.

What is a Doctor Home Visit?

Specialised care for specific conditions


Features of Speedoc’s H-programme

speedoc virtual hospital
Interdisciplinary Team
Receive holistic care by a network of specialists and allied health providers
Receive seamless end-to-end care by a medical team that manages all your health conditions
Continuity of care
Receive quality medical care through continuous cooperative involvement with your providers to take charge of your health
Home-based care
Receive personalised medical care for your conditions from the comfort of your own home

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