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Healthier SG with Speedoc

Take greater control of your health. Preventing chronic illnesses is critical in order to avoid future health, emotional, and financial burdens. Let Speedoc help you today.

With Healthier SG, you will be able to:

  • Nominate Speedoc as your designated family physician
  • Create a personalised care plan tailored to your health
  • Go for subsidised health screenings and vaccinations
What is a Doctor Home Visit?

How will Healthier SG benefit me?

With Healthier SG, you will be able to nominate Speedoc as your designated family physician for an initial face-to-face consultation and to craft your personalised care plan according to MOH guidelines.

Am I eligible for this?

By July 2023, Singaporeans aged 60 and above will be able to enroll themselves under Healthier SG.
Eligible individuals can expect regular check-ups with the GP of your choice, fully subsidised health screenings and vaccinations, and the option to tap on MediSave for chronic care management.

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What to expect?

Within the framework of the Healthier SG initiative, residents will be prompted to enroll with a GP of their choosing to discuss your care plan.

Your care plan will be tailored according to your health needs, consisting of fully subsidised nationally recommended health screenings and vaccinations, lifestyle adjustments aligning with HPB's Health points system and regular check-ins for chronic disease with white-listed medications capped polyclinic pricing. Click here for more information.

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Appoint a Registered Clinic

  • You will receive an SMS from the Ministry of Health in mid 2023
  • Appoint Speedoc as your Healthier SG-registered clinic via HealthHub
  • Schedule your 1st visit

    Note: Healthier SG Enrollment begins in the mid 2023
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Develop a Health Plan

  • Consult your doctor to review your medical history and health goals
  • Together, we will develop a personalised health plan that incorporates health screenings and recommended lifestyle changes
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Better Manage Your Health

  • Better manage your health by abiding to your health plan on the HealthHub App
  • Participate in community programmes to stay active and healthy
  • Monitor and track your physical activity via the Healthy 365 App
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Enjoy the Convenience

  • Stay on top of your health with regular reviews with your doctor
  • Enjoy the convenience and get your reviews, health screenings and vaccinations set up via a video consultation
  • Alternatively, we can attend to you in our clinic as well

Manage Your Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are lifelong. Instead of regular hospital visits, you now can receive treatment from the comfort of your home.
Prevent potential complications
Keep your condition well-controlled with regular monitoring, preventing potential complications.
Cost and time savings
Save time and money on potential complications and travelling time when you keep your chronic condition well-managed at home.
Know your condition better
Monitor your blood pressure and glucose readings to help you understand what causes your condition to improve or deteriorate.

Get Professional Medical Advice for Your Chronic Conditions

Instead of taking chances with your health, consult a doctor and receive the care you need right from the comfort of your home.

Our team of doctors and nurses will monitor your health closely to ensure your chronic conditions are well-managed.

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