What To Do When You Have An Allergic Reaction

By the team at Speedoc,
March 19, 2021

Stuffed up, uncomfortable nose due to dust? Hives breaking out due to the consumption of a certain food? At first glance, these allergic reactions may seem pretty serious. Yet, you may already have medication to treat the symptoms at home. It seems like a waste to spend time travelling to the A&E and paying for a consultation when you could have dealt with it yourself.

So, how do you know if your allergy can be treated at home or requires a consultation with your GP or a visit to the A&E?

Have you developed a rash, a racing heart and perhaps a feeling of impending doom? Are you feeling dizzy or confused? This is when your allergic reaction could be a life-threatening anaphylaxis. Go to the A&E immediately.

If your throat is itchy and your tongue feels larger than normal, or if you feel breathless, you may be experiencing a blocked airway. Call 995 immediately and take the advice of the call operator.

If symptoms other than the above are presented, you can attempt to treat it at home.

You can:

  • Take medication that has been previously prescribed to you for your allergy, especially if it is due to a similar trigger

  • Use a diffuser with essential oils, such as peppermint oil, which has anti-inflammatory effects

If your allergies persist or are accompanied by other symptoms such as a fever, it is highly recommended that you see a GP for a consultation so that they can help you manage and treat your allergy.

Call Speedoc 24/7 to treat your allergies

At Speedoc, we provide GP services around the clock who can check and treat mild symptoms of allergic reactions. See a Speedoc doctor in person with a house call or through video consultation (available 8am to 8pm daily). In the event that your condition is severe, we can also help you get in the priority queue at Sengkang General Hospital or Changi General Hospital under the GPFirst scheme.

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