How To Treat A Nosebleed

By the team at Speedoc,
July 22, 2021

You’re going about your day as usual. Then, all of a sudden, a shocking flow of red waterfall starts cascading down your nose. This might be a scare for first-timers, but if you’ve had it before and know how to stop a nosebleed, you’ll know that it is not as bad as it looks.

For many people who encounter nosebleeds for the first time, they may not know the cause of nosebleeds and what to do about it. The first thought would be - “We need to get to the A&E clinic and get this sorted out! NOW!”

Here’s a reality check. So, you’re pinching your nose all the way so that blood from your nosebleed is not staining the white rug in your living room. Convinced that the nosebleed is a result of something serious, you stagger out to your car.

However, mid-journey, the bleeding from your nose dries up and all that is left is crust. Talk about panic!

Can Stress Cause Nosebleeds

Apart from other more common causes of nosebleeds, chronic anxiety and stress can also be a cause for nosebleeds. It has been estimated by The Anxiety and Depression Association of America that more than 40 million adults suffer from some level of anxiety disorder.

Chronic or recurring nosebleed could be related to anxiety and stress although it is not always the case. The doctor and you should sit down to determine the triggers of your nosebleeds based on personal behaviours, health conditions, and the medication you’re currently on.

How To Treat Your Nosebleed From Home

As it turns out, nosebleeds are treatable from home either via a doctor house call or teleconsultation.

This occurrence is too familiar. Many of us are engulfed with panic when we first experience a nosebleed because the sight of blood is just too much. However, more often than not, our nosebleeds are nothing more than a short, harmless episode.

Here’s how to quickly arrest the nosebleeding problem in the bud when you’re at home.

  • Find a comfortable place to sit down

  • Pinch your nose firmly just above the nostrils for 10 to 15 minutes

  • Lean forward and breathe through your mouth

  • Use an ice pack covered with a towel and place it on the bridge of your nose

  • Avoid lying down (although it is tempting to do so)

So, when should we take our nose bleeds more seriously?

When Is Nose Bleeding Serious?

A nosebleed can occur from one or both nostrils.

Possible causes include simple trauma to the vessels of the nose due to:

  1. Blowing your nose too hard

  2. Nose-picking

  3. Direct blunt trauma

  4. Unexpected intrusion of foreign objects or bodies through the nostrils

  5. Inflammatory reactions

  6. Allergies

  7. Infectious diseases

  8. Use of alcohol or drugs.

At different stages of your nosebleed, you will require different levels of attention. The above mentioned methods of treating a nosebleed often works.

However, if your nosebleed is unexpected and recurs for no apparent reason, we recommend a visit to the doctor or A&E who will be able to determine any underlying issues.

When To Call Your Doctor For A Nosebleed?

If your nosebleed persists for over 20 minutes and your nosebleed is caused by a direct injury to the nose, resulting from a strike by a fist or object, you need to receive immediate treatment.

Get someone to drive you to the nearest A&E when:

  • The nosebleed persists for over 20 minutes

  • The nosebleeding is unusually heavy

  • You’re having difficulty breathing normally

  • You’re swallowing large amount of blood

  • You’re vomiting as a result of the nosebleed

  • The nosebleed is caused by external force, injury, or trauma

At Speedoc, we have doctors and nurses around the clock who can treat your nosebleed in the comfort of your home. If need be, we also provide expedited referrals to specialists and our partners at private A&E clinics.

THIS is a life-saver option and will save you that trip (and the cost of going) to the clinic or hospital.

Use Doctor House Call Services from Speedoc

Download our app to learn more about the teleconsultation or doctor house call services we provide to book your doctor house visit when you get worried about the nosebleed.

Alternatively, please call +65 6909 7799 or email to speak to our friendly Patient Care Team.