Specialists, Partner With Speedoc To Reach Out To Your Patients At Home

By the team at Speedoc,
September 28, 2020

Speedoc is growing its network of specialists and we invite you to join us!

Let Speedoc help you extend step-down care to your patients in their homes.

Why Work With Speedoc

  1. Streamlined step-down care for your patients at home. Rest assured that your patients will be well-taken care of. Be it post-surgery follow-ups, blood tests, or medicine and equipment delivery, let us help you ensure your patients get the appropriate care exactly as you ordered.

  2. Access new patient leads through Speedoc referrals. Many of Speedoc’s patients suffer from conditions that often need to be escalated to specialist care. Join our specialist network to open up a new patient market.

  3. Marketing exposure. Get featured in our newsletters and blog as a guest writer, or as a guest speaker in our webinar series, Home Health with Speedoc.

Speedoc Provides Quality Medical Care At Home

Founded in Singapore in 2017, Speedoc was created with a mission to bring nursing services and step-down care to the home for patients. Speedoc will enable you and your clinic to maximize your clinic space and bring added convenience to your patients.

We work on your behalf!

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