Breastfeeding mother and baby

Liquid Magic: The Wonders of Mother’s Milk

Breastfeeding offers endless benefits for both mother and baby. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the tips and tricks, as well as the key advantages that come with breastfeeding.
By the team at Speedoc,
August 15, 2023

Considering breastfeeding your new bundle of joy is very much a personal decision and there is no right or wrong answer to it. Truth be told, breastfeeding is undoubtedly challenging and can be a complex process for every mother and baby. While there are many perks to breastfeeding, it is essential to acknowledge the difficulties faced by new mothers and shed some light on the ways to overcome them.


Methods to help

Low milk supply

  • Breastfeed often, at least every two to three hours

  • Offer both breasts at each feeding

  • Use your hands to help with milk expression during feedings or pumps


  • Express milk frequently via pumping or hand expression in between feedings

  • Feed baby every two to three hours

  • Gently massage your breast before and during feedings

  • Use cold compress to reduce the swelling and pain

Sore or cracked nipples

  • Change your breast pads frequently

  • Apply moisturizing creams or balms (e.g. Vaseline) that can help with dry or cracked nipples

  • Let your nipples air out before putting your bra back on

  • Wear bras that are not too tight or rough on the skin

  • Avoid using nipple shields or breast shells


  • Breastfeed on the affected side more frequently

  • Massage the area using a circular motion

  • Apply warm and moist compress to the sore area

  • Ensure that your breast drains out completely during each feed

*Consult a doctor if none of the above-mentioned tips is helping to alleviate your symptoms

Benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby



  1. Clean

  2. Cost-saving

  3. Convenience

  4. Quicker recovery of the womb to pre-pregnancy size

  5. Helps new mothers return to pre-pregnancy weight quicker

  6. Lowers risks of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes and heart conditions

  1. Promotes healthy weight gain

  2. Strengthens baby’s digestive system

  3. Builds strong bond between mother and child

  4. Reduces risks of allergy-related asthma and skin problems

  5. Provides all the nutrient-rich components that are not replaceable by milk formula

  6. Antibodies present in breast milk helps to build your baby’s immunity against viruses and bacteria

It's important to note that while breastfeeding offers numerous benefits, it might not be feasible or appropriate for every mother and baby due to individual circumstances and/or medical considerations. In such cases, formula feeding can still provide adequate nutrition and care for infants. It is recommended that mothers make informed decisions based on their specific situations and consult with healthcare professionals if you have any concerns or questions.