The Changing Landscape Of A&E Centres In Singapore

By the team at Speedoc,
March 03, 2021

Have a cut? Have a cough? Have constipation? Most people would go to the A&E centre at hospitals immediately, whereby the waiting time could go up to hours depending on the severity of your condition.

Open 24 hours, providing solutions to both mild and serious conditions, A&E clinics are ideal for a quick fix. In fact, we have a multitude of A&E departments in Singapore with approximately 400 visits made to each department every day. This highlights the prevalence of A&E conditions that emerge on a day-to-day basis.

Key indicators when choosing your A&E department

Wait times

Waiting times at general A&E clinics depend on the severity of your condition and is relative to the patients in front of you. Cases that are potentially life-threatening or medically urgent will always be attended to first. For cases that are less severe, you could wait for up to seven hours before you will be provided assistance.


The average cost of an A&E visit in a public hospital starts from $110. At a private hospital, you could be paying $140 and up. Note that this is purely for the consultation, which does not include the costs for medication and other equipment used to provide treatment. Don’t forget the costs of having to travel down to the hospital and back as well, which could easily add another $50 to $60 to your total costs.


When you’re in pain, you don’t want to have to go through registration, booking and a ton of tedious paperwork. Choose a clinic with the least hassle and fuss.

Wouldn’t it be much better if you could stay at home when you’re already unwell and have the A&E come to you?

At Speedoc, we bring the A&E to you. With a multidisciplinary team of doctors available 24/7, we are well versed in providing quality and personalised care for conditions ranging from abdominal pain to fever, all within the comfort of your home.

Our dedicated team of night doctors and nurses are always on standby to arrive at your door within one to two hours. Our doctors and nurses are also able to administer IV drips for hydration or antibiotic therapy, as well as perform simple procedures like wound stitching or skin glueing. The best part, there is no waiting time as you’re simply resting at home!

Speedoc’s services are not just perfect for late-night medical emergencies. We’re open around the clock for any medical needs! Our hotline operates 24/7 to tend to your queries, bookings, and more.

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