How Much Does CDHM™ Cost For The Pioneer Generation?

By the team at Speedoc,
February 19, 2021

We’re back with the next part of our series of articles outlining the amount of cash out-of-pocket you’ll have to pay for Speedoc’s Chronic Disease Home Management (CDHM™) programme! If you missed the first part of this series, which summarised how affordable CDHM™ is for the Merdeka Generation, click here to get caught up. In this article, we’ll summarise how much you’ll have to pay as a Pioneer Generation card holder.

Let’s use John as an example of a Pioneer Generation member.

John was born in 1946, making him a member of the Pioneer Generation. John is able to enjoy CHAS benefits with his Pioneer Generation card at all CHAS clinics in Singapore. As John suffers from diabetes and hypertension, he is able to receive up to $540 in CHAS subsidies per year.

If John enrols in Speedoc’s CDHM™ programme for diabetes and hypertension, the costs of his treatment and management for the entire year will basically be fully claimable from CHAS. On top of that, he may also be able to use his remaining CHAS subsidies for his medications. The remaining amount for his medication will be claimable from his MediSave funds. This makes the CDHM™ programme extremely affordable, especially for the elderly.

The cost of John’s CDHM™ programme will differ according to his medical history and needs. For example, if he received a blood test just a month ago, his doctor may determine that he does not need to take the same test again. In this case, the cost of this test will be deducted from his programme. A Speedoc Patient Care Specialist will work with John to craft his very own personalised programme.

The best part of our programme? John does not have to leave the home at all to see a doctor!

Aside from the concerns of community-based COVID-19 infections, there is also the issue of limited mobility, particularly for the elderly like John. To get to a hospital or clinic, John may have to make use of private transport, such as a taxi or Grab car, or be accompanied by a family member. All this hassle can be avoided with CDHM™, as the doctor comes to the home instead!

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