How Much Does CDHM™ Cost For Green CHAS Card Holders?

By the team at Speedoc,
April 28, 2021

We’re continuing with our series of articles outlining the amount of cash out-of-pocket you’ll have to pay for Speedoc’s Chronic Disease Home Management (CDHM™) programme! We also had two other articles summarising how affordable CDHM™ is for Merdeka and Pioneer Generation members:

In this article, we’ll summarise how much you’ll have to pay as a CHAS Green card holder. All Singapore citizens are eligible for CHAS subsidies as long as you apply for one. While CHAS Green card holders are not able to receive subsidies for common illnesses, you can still receive up to $160 per year for chronic condition treatment.

Let’s use Karen as an example of a Pioneer Generation member.

As Karen was born in 1961, she is not eligible for the higher-tiered subsidies that Merdeka Generation members are given. Due to various eligibility criteria, Karen is only eligible for the Green CHAS card. As a patient with hyperlipidemia (otherwise known as high cholesterol), she is able to receive up to $112 in CHAS subsidies per year as she only has 1 chronic condition.

If you have more than 1 chronic condition, you can receive up to $160 in subsidies per year.

If Karen enrols in Speedoc’s CDHM™ programme for hyperlipidemia, the total cash out of pocket payable will total at $56 a year. That’s about $4.70 per month! She’ll also be able to use her MediSave funds for the medication prescribed to her.

The best part of our programme? Karen does not have to leave the home at all to see a doctor! The unpleasant experience of having to travel to the clinic on an empty stomach after fasting for 8 hours, be it by private or public transport, can be eliminated completely with CDHM™. Let the doctor come to you instead!

Enroll in CDHM™

Interested in signing up for our CDHM™ programme or simply want to speak to someone for more information? Email us today! Our Patient Care Team can also help you with your CHAS application, if you have not applied for a CHAS card yet.