Baby Vaccination At Home, Made Even Easier

By the team at Speedoc,
November 04, 2020

Now, you can use your Baby Bonus payout and Child Development Account for your child's vaccinations at Speedoc!

Safe, convenient, stress-free baby vaccinations

Speedoc’s home-based baby vaccination programme offers the following benefits:

1. Safety

With the vaccinations for your child administered at home, there is no need to bring your child to a busy polyclinic, hospital, or clinic.

2. Convenience

Bringing your child anywhere outside of the home is a big task in itself. With Speedoc, you can leave the stroller and diaper bag where they are and stay home with your child while the doctor comes to you.

3. Stress-free experience

You have a million and one things to worry about as a parent of a young child. Vaccinations shouldn’t be one of them. Our Patient Care Team will guide you on what information we need from you to get you set up, help schedule your appointments, and give you reminders ahead of time.

Pay $0 out-of-pocket

Speedoc is a Baby Bonus Approved Institution. This means that you can use the funds in the Child Development Account (CDA) to pay for your child’s entire course of vaccinations in full.

Essentially, you pay $0 out-of-pocket.

You may choose to pay for the full programme upfront, or per visit, with CDA.

Click here for more information and FAQs on Baby Bonus and CDA.

Fully guided by MOH recommendations

Speedoc’s baby vaccination programme follows the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule recommended by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for your child’s first 18 months. Your doctor will also conduct developmental milestone checks according to MOH’s Childhood Developmental Screening guidelines at each visit.

Your child’s urgent medical needs, all taken care of

Speedoc offers more than just vaccinations for your child. Our doctors, trained in family medicine, are also available for house calls 24/7 to treat urgent medical conditions for your little ones and the rest of your family. These include rashes, fever, cough, cuts, and more.

Enjoy fuss-free baby vaccinations today!

Visit to learn more about Speedoc’s baby vaccinations programme, or drop us an email at to book your first appointment today!

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