Speedoc doctor and nurse treatment at home

Healthcare should be easy.

Receiving quality medical care should never be a hassle.


You shouldn’t have to wait for hours at the hospital, nor figure out where, when, and how to get the right care.

doctor house visit

We believe healthcare should be built around people.

If work, school, food and shopping can come to your home, medical care should too. Created in 2017, Speedoc aims to bring hospital-level care to every person and every home.

future of healthcare will be towards home

We believe that the future of healthcare will be towards home.

Our end-to-end care system connects qualified medical professionals to patients, and delivers different types of care to cater to different types of conditions.

Whether it’s video consultation, in-person house visits or remote monitoring, we have a suite of care to serve you in the comfort of your home.

So why do we exist? To push healthcare beyond current times.

Everything we do is developed with our users in mind so that they get the best and most innovative experience throughout their healthcare journey. Our dedicated patient concierge team will handhold you through the progress of your condition, follow-ups, specialist referrals or continuous monitoring.

With better visibility of your medical data and treatment journey, you can be more proactive in your own healthcare.


“Speedoc has built our technology and procedures around patients, to ensure that high quality care is delivered safely to their homes.


This is going to be the new frontier of healthcare."

Dr Shravan Verma
Founder and CEO

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